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A really helpful Checklist for planning a Trip with your Pet(s)

Heer are a few issues you need to consider when researching a trip with your dog


1. What are the Legal Requirements of the country you are travelling to (or through)?

Passport / Permit requirements

Is the destination country part of the EU Pet Passport Scheme?  We will do additional posts on the scheme, the requirements if travelling from the UK or Ireland and so on.

If the destination country – or any other country you are passing through en route - is not part of the scheme, are there any other specific permit or certification requirements?


What requirement, if any, is there for a quarantine period?


Does your pet need to be microchipped?

Has the microchip number been entered in the passport?


Make sure all required Vaccinations are up to date and that have all been recorded in line with regulatory requirements.

Check what vaccinations / shots are required (including Rabies?) and – just as importantly - when they should be administered – in particular, how far in advance of travel.

Make sure: for instance, Brittany Ferries Pet Policy stipulates that for Dogs travelling from Spain of France to the UK, the tapeworm treatment should be done “more than 24 but less than 120 hours before scheduled arrival time in the UK”.

It also goes on to ask: “Has the vet validated the entry for tapeworm treatment which must include the date and time of administration in the passport with an official veterinary stamp and signature. Does the tapeworm treatment record include the name of the product used?”

Other Tests

What other tests (for example, Blood or Parasite tests) are required, and when do they need to be carried out?

2. Check out Pet Policies

If travelling by Rail, Ferry or Air you really need to familiarise yourself with the detail of the transport company’s Pet Policy.

Obviously you need to book your pet as well as yourself. Even if there is no additional charge, there will probably be a limited number of spaces for pets and kennel size limitations within that again.

3. Muzzles

Some modes of transport, including Ferry operators, require Dogs to be muzzled.

Note: Muzzle is supplied by you and you may be turned away if you do not have a muzzle!

4. Acclimatisation

This is really important as travelling can be very stressful for pets, especially for younger pets, if it’s the first time etc.

Get your pet used to the Car by taking short local trips. The same applies if using a Carrier / Crate, perhaps by getting it to spend time in it at home before trying it out in the car. It’s important that the crate is large enough to allow adequate room for normal movement including turning and standing.

It really helps to bring lots of items that your pet will be familiar such as a blanket, toys etc. Also make sure to include items with your own scent.

Familiarise your Dog with the Muzzle, if applicable, before the trip.

5. Visit to the Vet

Is a Certificate required?

Ensure the record of Vaccinations is up to date.

Do you need a prescription updated?

6. Insurance

Do you have up-to-date Pet Insurance, and does it cover all countries you will be visiting?

7. Planning Your Trip

If the car journey involves a long trip, plan ahead as much as possible for breaks along the route.  The WoofAdvisor Trip Planner is designed to help you do this. It will display selected options along your route, or in the vicinity of your destination, on an interactive map, and allows you to print, save, and share this.

8. Check out Pet Friendly Accommodation, Amenities and Services

The options you can research on the WoofAdvisor Trip Planner include:

Amenities - Dog Friendly Beaches, Parks / Gardens, Walks etc.

Pet Services - Vets, Boarding, Pet Sitting etc.

Pet Friendly Accommodation en route.

9. Supplies – Medication, Food

Make sure to bring along an adequate supply of Medication and any special Food requirements.