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>>>> Become a DIY Doggy MasterChef <<<<

Learn to make 100+ nutritional snacks and treats

This Online PetCare Course was created by keen cook and dog lover, Cheryl Gianfrancesco, who was concerned about what she was feeding her dog due to an illness.

All the recipes you'll find in this course have been thoroughly researched to be nutritious, and have been designed for dogs with all types of dietary needs, based on ingredients usually found around the house.

The course will benefit you and your furry friend in lots of different ways! Apart from reducing waste and saving money, learning how to make 100+ homemade dog treats and deserts will help:

♦ Learn to make nutritional snacks and treats

♦ Ensure you know that what your dog is eating is safe and healthy.

♦ Eliminate allergens.

♦ Minimize the risk of your dog ingesting dangerous food.

♦ Give your dog a more varied diet.

♦ Ensure the freshness of your dog's food.

♦ Improve your dog's nutrition and digestion.

♦ Improve your understanding of your dog's nutritional needs.

♦ Strengthen the bond between you and your dog, by making feeding time a lot of fun for both of you.

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Do you know what you dog is actually eating?

You are what you eat and that goes for dogs too.

♦ Do you realize that many shop-bought doggy treats have added sugar, additives, food coloring, and e-numbers?

♦ Did you know that some commercial dog treats have the ability to change your dog's personality dramatically due to these additives? This can lead to uncontrollable excitement in your dog, which then has a potential to lead to behavioral problems and sugar addiction.

♦ Does your dog really need sugar? NO!

Become a Doggy Masterchef Online Course

Help to control your dog's weight and dietary needs

Portion control

Another benefit of becoming a doggy masterchef is that you can size the treats specific to your dog.  From a little Chihuahua to a hefty Mastiff, homemade treats can be made to exactly the right size.

Your dog will also have better digestion because of the lack of nasty additives and making homemade treats will make feeding time more fun for both you and your pup!

If your dog is on a special diet because of illness or age, you can choose your own recipes that suit this.

Also, if your dog is prone to gain weight or is allergic to certain ingredients, you can make the treats that your furball will enjoy without getting sick.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all pet lovers and pet parents who are concerned about what their pet is eating.

This course is great for anyone who has a dog with health problems, such as diabetes, weight problems, allergies, sensitive stomachs and for anyone who just wants to provide better nutrition for their dog that is safer and tastier (and that'll save you money)!

Check out the full course syllabus!