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Do you have an Anxious Dog? Animal Communication could be the answer!

When Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki practitioner Aideen Jones set up, she had some surprises when clients started contacting her! “There have been cat owners who just wanted to know if their cat was happy, there have been horses with behavior issues and there have been rescue dogs needing a little help in settling into their new home. But more than anything, I come across dogs suffering with stress and anxiety” says Aideen.

The good news is, she has had great success in helping them and their owners address anxiety related issues and reduce or eliminate them totally.

 Aideen goes on to say Emotions like fear, stress and separation anxiety play a huge part in how an animal or a human behaves. Through Animal Communication, I can identify the emotional and physical issues that are present. These can be deep-rooted issues that go back years to a past trauma, a physical discomfort or it can simply be a change in routine that has tipped the balance for the animal. 

 Anxiety can hit a dog at any time but particularly during the summer months when they sense holiday plans are afoot or family members are heading off on travels. This can impact hugely on a dog’s feelings of insecurity. Animals share our feelings, therefore our levels of stress and lack of understanding can impact hugely on them”.


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 Common Causes and Potential Solutions:

 - Symptoms of Dog Anxiety
 - Fear-Related Anxiety
 - Separation Anxiety
 - Age or Pain-Related Anxiety
 - Training to Help Dogs with Anxiety
 - What to Give Dogs for Anxiety
 - Talk to Your Vet

Case Study

Here is an excerpt from a communication Aideen did recently with a very anxious dog. Over night, the anxiety stopped!

Elsa, a 16-year-old mixed breed dog, suddenly started showing signs of panic and being scared during the night. It came out of the blue. Her owner Penny found it quite distressing to watch poor Elsa panting, shaking and pacing the floor into the early hours.

The vet suggested it might be dementia and recommended medication. Penny was not convinced by this diagnosis as Elsa was fine during the day and this behavior was restricted to nighttime.

I did a distant communication from a photograph of Elsa. My initial connection with her showed a few issues that were contributing factors to Elsa’s sudden night panics.

Firstly, I picked up that Elsa was concerned about Penny. Indeed, it transpired that Penny did have something on her mind that preoccupied her at exactly the time that Elsa’s night panics started. They have such an incredible bond that this was not surprising to me. Animals pick up our emotions!

Secondly, Elsa is already quite deaf but she showed me that her eyesight is failing a bit now. Being the protector of the house, she suddenly felt vulnerable in the dark of night, as both these senses were not accessible to her. For these combined reasons, she could not settle. In fact she was quite agitated by them.

What happened next was quite remarkable

I had a very strong connection with Elsa. She is a wonderful caring soul. Based on the information that I received in the communication, we decided it was time to retire Elsa from ‘night-time guard duty’! Elsa understood the message I conveyed to her and felt relief from this. Of course, it was important to let Elsa feel that she still had a purpose, so I suggested she continue being the ‘daytime guardian’ as she did this job so well!

On account of her failing night vision, I felt that Elsa would settle better if there were a small light source near her. Penny installed a night light in the room. I also reassured her that Penny’s worries were gone and were nothing for her to be concerned about. The combination of these changes resulted in an immediate change in Elsa’s behavior. There is no more pacing and panicking at night. She settled right back into restful sleeps.

Penny is so happy to see Elsa curled up peacefully at night now. She is even happy to put up with the odd bouts of snoring!

Elsa has a great life and retirement is suiting her thanks to Penny reaching out to for help. It feels so good to be able to make a difference in everybody’s lives.


 Aideen’s tips to make sure Fido is coping ok

Is your dog sick or just stressed? If you are concerned about your dog, take him to the vet and find out if you are dealing with a medical issue. A dog that is unwell will often show changes in their behavior. This could be anything from aggression to becoming very quiet, to depression. So it is best to eliminate any physical condition before establishing there might be an emotional issue to be addressed.

Talk to your dog. It might sound crazy! It’s not that they understand every word you are saying, but they understand the feeling behind the words. For example: Your dog responds to the word “Sit”. Try speaking Portuguese and say “Senta” instead and he’ll react in the same way! Because he understands the sentiment behind the word. In the same way when you say, “I love you”, they pick up the feeling rather that understand the words.

Guilt free dog minding. If you are heading off on holidays without Fido, research where you are planning on leaving him is a great place to start. Whether it’s a boarding kennels or a private dog sitter, visit if possible or check it out and be 100% happy with the set up. If you are not feeling it, then neither will your dog! And if you feel guilty about leaving them, guess what – they can pick up on that feeling too!

Animal Communication. If the vet has given your dog a clean bill of health but you have noticed a change in their mood or behavior, then don’t ignore it. Or perhaps they have always been a nervous/anxious dog in the first place. Life can be challenging for a dog when certain issues are left unaddressed. This is where I can help. Animals share our feelings and emotions. As an Animal Communicator, I can connect with animals on a deeper level and share information between them and their carer. With mindful regard and unconditional love, positive changes can help bring peace to an animal. This has been life changing for so many of the animals and their humans that I have connected with.


Examples of the many animals I have communicated with are documented on my website: I also offer Reiki healing to all animals. This is a wonderful release for them to let go of ‘stuff’. I’ve had dogs cry out loud as they are releasing emotional stress in a safe environment where they feel the trust and love. I am honored to be able to help animals in this way.

Not one to leave anyone out, I also works with Humans! From my treatment room in Blackrock, Co. Dublin, I offer Aroma-Reiki treatments (a combination of Aromatouch® & Reiki) in a dog friendly environment.

For more information on this and Animal Communication, contact Aideen Jones at +353876559324 or email


Photos courtesy of Amber Fortune & Catherine Gundry-Beck

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