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The (Eurotunnel) train now standing at Platform…….

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, the Channel Tunnel operator, is really pushing the boat out when it comes to travelling with Pets.

This includes trained pet staff, dedicated pet exercise areas, and a new Pet Reception at the Calais terminal (see below). In recognition of the company's efforts, Eurotunnel is the multi-year winner of the Kennel Club's "Most Dog Friendly" award, in the Large Organisation category.

Your pet stays with you in the comfort of your car

The end result seems to be a fairly stress-free rail journey as Owners can stay with their Pets in their vehicle for the duration of the 35-minute journey between Folkestone and Calais/Coquelles.

When leaving the UK pets are not required to go through any Pet Control checks. It is only when returning to the UK that they are required to go to the Pet Reception Building at the Calais Terminal.

About 90% of all pets travelling through UK ports and airports under the Pet Travel Scheme are carried on the service. Since the beginning of the Pet Travel Scheme, Eurotunnel has carried well in excess of 2 million Pets, the majority of them Dogs.

Current charges (January 2021) are £20 each way for Cats, Dogs and Ferrets, with registered Guide and Assistance Dogs travelling for free (Rabbits, rodents, water mammals, birds, reptiles and insects also go free!).

Details and additional resources can be found at:

Eurotunnel Calais Pet Reception

Eurotunnel opened a new and improved Pet Reception in Calais.

The improved Facilities include a larger Pet Exercise area, complete with artificial grass. This lets your pet get some last minute exercise before boarding the shuttle.

Additional parking spaces

We've added additional parking spaces to make sure that you always get a spot. We haven't forgotten our campers and caravaners, either, who now have dedicated parking spaces.

Air conditioned reception

You and your pet can stay calm, cool and collected in our air-conditioned reception area.

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