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>>>> Dog Behavior and Training <<<<

Get inside your dog's mind to understand your dog's behavior

First you’ve got to learn to think like a dog to  understand what they’re thinking, what they're really saying to you through their posture, body language and noises.

Dogs are intelligent creatures.  You’ve got to exercise their mind as well as their body.  This course has been written by professional Veterinarian Dr Pippa Elliott, who’ll show you how to train your dog in a loving way.  Dogs train better when they’re praised and given rewards for being good. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn here today.

Dog Behaviour and Training Course Meet The Instructor

Dog Behaviour and Training Course Instructor Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS MRCVS

Learn tips and tricks from professional vets on reward-based training to  make your dog want to work with you rather than fear you!

About This Course

Expand your horizons and knowledge while gaining a better understanding of animals.

Learn to read animals’ body language so you know how to react appropriately.

Provide a better service for clients by confidently interacting with their pets.

Understanding how your dog's mind works is key to encouraging good behavior while breaking bad habits.

Learn how to correct problem dog behaviors

Know the power of No. It’s easy to give in to your dog because they’re so cute! Not everyone necessarily likes being around a dog who’s always barking or jumping up.  Training basic commands and curbing those bad habits can actually be a fun and rewarding experience - for both of you!

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Think of this as a super bonding exercise.  You'll get to know how dogs learn and, therefore, how to train your dog without making them nervous or scared.

Dog Behaviour and Training Online Course

With patience and rewards, your dog will respond to your every command. You can teach your dog to sit. Teach your dog to stay. And so much more! Clicker training dogs takes practice. Once you’ve mastered the training exercises in this flexible online course, your dog will be as good as gold at home and on walks.

‘Advanced commands’

Now you’ve mastered the basic dog training techniques, it’s time to conquer the advanced training exercises.  No more picking up and drooling over other people’s shoes.  No more scavenging for food.  Your dog will even know when to bark and when not to.  Know how to stop dogs from biting. All this is achievable through your command of dog training. Your dog will be happy, confident and safe.  No more picking up strange objects on walks or pulling in all directions.  That means you can relax when your furball is around other people or leave him with a pet sitter or dog walker without any worries!

Know what makes your dog happy

Your dog will follow your every word when you know the right way to train, exercise and have fun time together.  Find the best ways to motivate your dog to be good.  Find exercises to boost the brain and the body.

Who is this course for?

Dog parents who strive to be the best pet parent ever. This course will help you understand your dog better and spend hands-on, quality time together so he’s happy, healthy and good!

Pet owners and professionals who want to broaden their knowledge to better understand dog behavior and training methods.

People seeking a certified course to help move their career forward.

Everyone who wishes to properly care for and train dogs.

Animal lovers interested in pet care as a future career.

People who work with or handle dogs and want to know they will behave well.

Check out the full course syllabus!