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Pet Life Expectancy <> Rising Insurance Costs

194-Admin WA
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Pet Life Expectancy <> Rising Insurance Costs

Postby 194-Admin WA » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:32 am

Watching the Channel 4 series "The Supervet", I was struck by the complexity of many of what were life changing (in many cases life saving) operations carried out by the the Vet in question, Noel Fitzpatrick.

Some of these are possible only as a result of pioneering technological advances developed by Noel specifically with Pets in mind, and which, until very recently would only have been available to Humans.

In many cases, the cost, including rehabilitation, was in the region of £6,000+, and although any of the pet owners were not insured, the decision was inevitably to go ahead and do "whatever he could do", even in cases where that level of outlay was clearly a big challenge financially.

According to Mark Effenberg, chief executive of Healthy Pets Insurance, only 18% of Pets in the UK are insured (at December 2013). That's a lot of uninsured Pets!

A higher proportion of Dogs are insured: according to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), around 2.4 million are covered, out of an estimated population of nine million in the UK. That still leaves a huge number of uninsured Dogs. The comparable statistic for Cats is that only one in six is insured.

Another factor that has changed is the age at which Pets are having these procedures. Combined with better pet care, nutrition etc., and access to many expert online resources resulting in better informed pet owners, the impact is that Pets are living longer leading to an ageing Pet Population.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to insuring Dogs:
My sister recently got the insurance renewal for her 8 year old Springer to find it had doubled.
The reason? Age: 8 is apparently a significant threshold when insuring a Dog.

A call to an alternative insurance company was fruitless: they declined to quote on the basis of the Dog's age.

We'd like to explore this further:
- What options are out there
- Best types of Policies
- Pitfalls: what to watch out for
- What is / is not included e.g. Public Liability for damage caused by a Dog
- Typical costs

We'd really love to hear from you and share the benefit of your experience with our Community.

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