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Caring suggestions for a 'now indoor' senior cat?

208-Michael Brady
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Joined: Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:36 pm

Caring suggestions for a 'now indoor' senior cat?

Postby 208-Michael Brady » Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:19 pm

I am posting to see if anyone has experience in caring for senior cats. I look after my friends senior cat, we are unsure of his exact age, although he is definitely over 12 years. According to the Vetinary surgeon he only has around 10 -15 % eye sight vision.
Recently he was attacked by a neighbors cat, and around a week later it seems he suffered some type of unknown trauma - although the vet was unsure whether it is old age deteriorating his hind legs, or a trauma of some kind. He was in and out of deep sleeps so the Vet recently kept him in over night, and he received IV fluids to hydrate & boost immune system, plus every test possible, still unsure why his health is deteriorating so it is put down to old age. As he has been to the Vets a few times, we have know decided to make him an indoor only cat.

We have an average sized enclosed back garden and we will allow him to roam around there.

We also have two dogs in the house. One of the dogs is very caring, protective and gentle toward the cat, the other dog however needs supervision if left alone with the cat.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for improving the quality of living for an indoor cat?
Perhaps I could walk the cat on a lead to give a break from the house environment?
any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

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