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About Us

Once we realized just how difficult – and stressful - it can be for many pet lovers planning a trip with their much loved pets, it was an easy decision to develop a dedicated online resource to help this ever growing community of caring, devoted pet lovers.
From the outset, it was very clear from talking with, and listening to, Pet Lovers that the bigger picture is really about planning the whole trip, not just the accommodation, services and so on at the end destination.

"Here at WoofAdvisor, our aim is really simple
It's to make travelling with your pet as easy and as much fun as possible…"

Travelling with a Pet is clearly more challenging – requiring as it does both planned and unplanned stops along the way. This means travellers need to know where they and their pet can take a break together particularly on long journeys.
That's why we included a Trip Planner (one of many benefits of free Membership), that displays pet friendly Parks, Beaches, Walks, Services, Motorway stops, etc. along your route, and which also lets members save, share, and print itineraries for trips they are planning.
As a start-up, we are obviously a work-in-progress. We look forward to sharing the journey with you and growing old together. All at the WoofAdvisor team.

Our Mission

WoofAdvisor's Mission is to provide a platform to help the community of caring, devoted pet lovers around the world plan and enjoy their travels with their pets.

We will do this by developing a smart, searchable, easy-to-use website, custom designed and developed specifically with Pet Lovers in mind.

Our Core / Driving Values

Our Vision

Our aim is to help members of the WoofAdvisor community plan and enjoy the best possible trip with their much loved pet travel companion(s).

Our vision is to develop the most pet-centric online community; to build the place where pet lovers can come to find and discover anything they might want to know about travelling with their pets.