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Community & Forum Guidelines / Rules

WoofAdvisor helps an online community of like-minded Pet Lovers connect and share travel-related information and experiences.

Our ground rules are designed to help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all members of our community. We therefore ask that all members contribute and engage on a basis of courtesyand mutual respect.
Your use of this Forum and website is subject to these guidelines and the Terms and Conditions for this website.

Important note: All user content on WoofAdvisor reflects the opinions of users visiting the website. It does not reflect that of WoofAdvisor, its staff or agents acting on its behalf.

Forum Guidelines

Messages or threads that do not meet the guidelines set out below are subject to removal and/or closure. In addition, Members who do not adhere to the rules / guidelines set out may have their account closed and be banned from the website.

Postings must be:

Family-friendly and appropriate for viewing by all age groups.

· No Expletives - Cursing – Swearwords – Profanity.

· No threats, prejudiced/predjudical comments, hate speech.

· No sexually explicit language, or other content that is not appropriate for our community.

Please also see the Terms and Conditions for this website.

  • Travel-related - Forums are for travel-related discussions. Irrelevant content may be removed. Decisions as to what is considered irrelevant is entirely at the discretion of the WoofAdvisor administrator.

  • Non-hostile / threatening - WoofAdvisor encourages active discussions in our forums. However, forums will only thrive against a background where all members feel safe and welcome to participate. To ensure this outcome, the following will not be tolerated:

· Messages targeting members with for personal comments, insults, or similar.

· Challenges to any member's right to participate in any aspect of

· Allegations of fraudulent forum posts or reviews aimed at a specific business, individual or premises/property on WoofAdvisor.

· Sarcastic or malicious remarks or observations.

· Posting of any contact or personal information about any member without their prior permission.

· Posting by those aged under 13 years.

  • Free from selling

We welcome reviews, referrals and recommendations from our members, but visitors to do not visit the community forum to be sold to.

This guideline extends to include requests/invitations to participate in Polls, Surveys etc.

  • Links

URLs in forum posts are automatically hyperlinked. Appropriate measures are in place to prevent abuse of this feature.

  • Authentic and original

It is not permissible to post copyrighted material or content that has been published elsewhere. This means that you may not post content that you do not have permission to publish. This includes, but is not limited to: all copyrighted material from any source including online sources, printed publications etc., trademarks, passwords, vouchers/discount codes, or the intellectual property of any other entity whether a registered business or individual.


Even in a well-constructed, thoughtful post, a single expletive, hostile comment or personal insult may lead to the removal of the post.

WoofAdvisor reserves the right to remove any post for any reason. We are obviously keen to keep the removal of posts to a minimum, but we will take the necessary steps to ensure our forum is as welcoming and conducive as possible to helpful discussion and to serving the best interest of all visitors to

General Website / Community Guidelines

YourWoofAdvisor Account

Your WoofAdvisor account is intended solely for your personal use, to enable you to contribute and share original content that you have created yourself.

The more accurate information you provide about yourself the more highly other users and fellow members will rate and trust the advice you share with the community.

Use of your WoofAdvisor account(s) for any other purpose may be considered an infringement of our Terms and Conditions for the Forum / website.

Courtesy and Respect

Please, please: Do treat other visitors to the site / fellow members of the WoofAdvisor Community with the same level of courtesy and respect that you would like to receive yourself.

It's always important to remember that a person's tone, humour etc. can very easily be misinterpreted in print, so please take care with your choice of language. As WoofAdvisor is a global travel community you most likely will encounter people of widely varyingbackgrounds, languages, cultures, opinions, experiences, budgets, and preferences. Please embrace and show respect for these differences, it's what makes travel so interesting and valuable after all. Please don't take things personally and react accotdingly.

Lead by example

Be kind to Newbies: Make newcomers feel welcome, be helpful to others, by being constructive. The best way to deal with problem users is ignore them and report them to WoofAdvisor. A positive environment sets the tone and encourages others to be positive also.


Integrity is absolutely key to what we are about. Increasingly people - especially travellers -are turning to like-minded people for reviews and referrals on which they base their travel plans. This is obviously all the more so when people are planning travel with their pets.

Fellow members are asking for your travel advice, so please be as accurate, truthful and as relevant as possible.

You should not use language that is defamatory; harass other members; impersonate others;engage in spamming; violate the privacy of others, or engage in any illegal activities.

Common Sense

A Forum is not a centre for qualified or specialist / professional advice. Use your common sense when asking for / assessing travel advice, particularly around the issues of health and safety. Be safe and smart when arranging meetups and travel companions, and be really careful about what personal information you post / share in public spaces. WoofAdvisor is not responsible for the actions of our community members.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews, recommendations / referrals are increasingly trusted and therefore increasingly important.

Here are a few simple tips for writing reviews and recommendations to make them as insightful, personal, and informative as possible and provide real value to other members of the WoofAdvisor Community.

1. Share your own personal experiences

The community loves when you share your own unique, personal experiences. Describe what you liked and – at least as important - disliked, and why.

2. Be Informative, Accurate, Detailed….

Try to be as accurate as possible, and include as much relevant and useful detail as possible without going for overkill. All the better if you have something to share that isn't usually covered in bog standard travel guidebook material.

3. Be constructive - always

Negative feedback needs to be included at times, but a constructive analysis backed up with relevant details is always much better receicvedRemember: Posting false information may have legal consequences.

4. Language - Grammar - Spelling

Remember it's a global community – the more readable, the more useful to fellow members.

Writing clearly in complete sentence style canreally help others whose first language may not be English. Capitalization really doesn't work well.

WoofAdvisor rarely removes Posts, Comments, Reviews etc. but some of the reasons we do are outlined below. We reserve the right to remove any content that we feel violates the Terms and Conditions applicable to this website, or these guidelines, or violates the spirit of these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions.

1. Inappropriate content

Bad language, adult content, or otherwise objectionable content.

2. Plagiarism

Copying a review from another person or website and posting as your own.

3. Conflict of interest

Posting favourable reviews for your own business or posting reviews in exchange for money or other incentives, cash or in kind. You should not review your own employer or any business in which you yourself have a commercial interest.

4. Fake or malicious recommendations

Posting fake or unjustifiably bad reviews about competitors.

5. Off-topic

Reviews that are unrelated to the topic page it is listed under.

Reporting Abuse

If you see something that may be in violation of these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions, please flag it by clicking on the "Flag this" button next to the content in question.

We do not adjudicate disputes among business owners, competitors, customers, ex-employees, or other entities. We remove only the reviews that we consider to be in violation of our guidelines and Terms and Conditions.