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Travel Tips

Pet Owners and the Law
Government Sources / Regulations on the Ownership & Movement of Pets – UK

Pet travel: information for pet owners

Taking your Pet abroad

Pet travel: guidance on changes to the EU scheme from 29 December 2014

EU Pet Passport Guidance Notes for Completion of New Model Passports Issued after 28 December 2014

Controlling your Dog in Public

New Dog Laws – Community Protection Notices (CPM)

Government Sources / Regulations on the Ownership & Movement of Pets – Ireland

Pet Travel

  • Regulations regarding the movement of Cats, Dogs or Ferrets into or out of Ireland.
  • Pet Cats, dogs or ferrets accompanied by their owner - Non-commercial movement.
  • How to get an EU Pet Passport in Ireland.
  • List of Qualifying EU Member States & European Countries.

List of Approved Carriers and Routes from non-EU Countries

Dog Control Regulations – Ireland

DSPCA guide to Dog Owners Legal Responsibilities

Pet Owners and the Law – France
A very useful analysis in a 2009 Veterinary Times article by Glen Cousquerof the University of Edinburgh also published on
Title: France's dangerous dogs legislation has new teeth: should UK law bite the bullet?