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Our Top 10 Dog Activity Trackers and Fitness Monitors

Top 10 Dog Activity Trackers and Fitness Monitors

Every dog lover wants to be able to communicate with their dog.
It's in our nature to wonder how they are feeling, how they slept, where they went, or what's wrong.

To add to the language barrier, there is also the issue of many owners having to leave their dog home alone for long periods of time due to work commitments.

The heat is on - especially for our Best Friends!

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Temperatures above 20C put dogs at risk of heat stroke, and the survival rates is just 50%.

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Until recently, finding a way to steadily keep tabs on your dog when you’re busy, nervous, or just plain curious seemed nearly impossible. However, with the newfound monitoring technology brought about by an increasing number of companies, we are getting an inside look into our pup’s health and day-to-day life.

Smart collars are becoming more advanced and affordable, making this option a great one for involved owners. Continue reading for our Top 10 list of best health monitoring smart collars and GPS trackers.

Whistle FIT Smart Pet Health & Fitness Tracker

Whistle FIT Smart Dog  Activity & Fitness Tracker

Whistle FIT Smart Dog Activity & Fitness Tracker

Whistle is usually known for their leading GPS collars and monitors but the Whistle FIT stands out in that it is specifically designed for health and fitness tracking rather than simply location. By tracking distance, calories, and duration, the Whistle FIT allows for your dog to achieve customized fitness goals. 

Uniquely, it also sends proactive alerts that notify you if your pup is over-itching, licking, drinking, and sleeping. Furthermore, it comes with an interactive nutrition calculator so you can ensure a healthy diet. One of the most fun parts of the Whistle FIT is that during periods of activity it records if your dog is playing, walking, running, sleeping, and more.

The Weekly Wellness Report gives you a real insight into your dog's fitness level and habits so you can work with him if you need to make changes. Like other Whistle products, the subscription comes with access to many health articles and televet services. 

The device stands at $47 but requires a subscription plan for access to most of the data.
Plans are: Monthly - $4.95 per month; 1-Year Plan - $59.40 billed annually (works out at $4.95 per month; or 2-Year Plan - $108.00 billed bi-annually (works out at $4.50/Month).
1 and 2-Year Plans come with 30 day Free Trial.

This waterproof tracker can be connected to a third-party collar and is fit for dogs of all sizes.

Fi Smart Collar Series 2

Fi Smart Collar Series 2

Fi Smart Collar Series 2

This is one of the most sophisticated affordable options on the market and is a close second for anyone looking into an activity monitor.  Though it boasts a waterproof, stylish collar with a 3 month battery life and 24/7 GPS, the Fi Smart Collar’s strong suit is in overall activity tracking on the Fi app.

The collar takes your dog’s breed and size to create customizable step goals, tracking your pup's walks and activities while counting their steps. You can even make it fun and compete with other dogs in the Fi Community with regional rankings. 

It also tracks and monitors your pet’s sleeping. Sleep is often overlooked as one of the most important parts of a dog's health. Making sure they have a healthy cycle is key to understanding your dog's mannerisms and habits. With alerts and notifications you can set on the app, Fi can alert you if your dog has left a safe zone, changed his sleep schedule sporadically, or has unhealthy fitness habits. 

All in all, this collar, equipped with a night-walk safe LED light, comes in 4 colors and 4 sizes, standing at the affordable sale price of $49 (usually $99 if not on sale).

FitBark 2 Dog Activity & Sleep Monitor

FitBark 2

FitBark 2 Dog Activity & Sleep Monitor

This attachable monitor is specifically designed to track the sleep and activity of pups of all shapes and sizes. It monitors this activity daily and turns it into actionable health insights. Like others, you can check out calorie levels, distance traveled, and more. You can also keep an eye on his energy levels and sleeping habits to look out for early signs of discomfort or disease.

One of the best qualities of the FitBark 2 is that you can monitor anxiety levels when you are away, allowing owners to make changes and gain peace of mind. Also as a member of the FitBark community you can be ranked upon other FItBark dogs and you can easily share any data with your vet. 

Fortunately, the FitBark 2 does not require a subscription in contrast to their GPS focused monitor, and stands at a price of $69.95. 

SureFlap Animo Activity Tracker

SureFlap Animo Activity Tracker

SureFlap Animo Activity Tracker

Another great option, the SureFlap Animo tracks health and activity by monitoring barking, scratching, sleep quality, calories burned, and more. Again, you can get alerts and insights into changes in your dog’s health. What is unique about this monitor is that it provides great access to more medical feedback. Meaning you can analyze his response to a new nutrition plan or treatment.

You can analyze long term trends and monitor the development of issues such as post-surgical recovery, separation anxiety, and more. 

This durable, waterproof tracker has a 6 month battery life, is great for dogs of all sizes, and sits at a price of $90.


PetPace Smart Collar

PetPace Smart Collar

PetPace is an extremely high tech option and perhaps provides the most medical and health information out of all of these options, which is reflected in the price. Not only does it monitor basic GPS tracking and fitness, but also displays more detailed vitals such as temperature, pulse, respiration, and more. This makes for the ideal health tracker if you are wanting to monitor your pup’s recovery post-surgery or illness.

PetPace comes with continuous monitoring, unlimited alerts, access to their mobile app, daily syncs (frequency depends on the subscription ranging from every 120 minutes to 2 minutes), and more.

The premium version even comes with access to web sessions with their veterinarian expert. Devices with subscriptions range from $159 to $349.

Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System and Activity Monitor

Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System and Activity Monitor

Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System and Activity Monitor

This relatively expensive option comes with many features and is a cool route to explore. If you are looking to invest in your pet. The Garmin Delta is a blend between a training system and an activity monitor so it provides a lot of insight.

The activity monitors how intense, long, and effective an activity is and uses an app to beautifully display the features on an easy to understand interface. You can set safe zones or no-go zones to keep track of your dogs whereabouts and utilize the built in no bark technology. In terms of the training, the Garmin uses vibration and tones to help teach your dog the behavior you want.

It stands at $150 from third party sites.

PETKIT P2 Smart Pet Activity Tracking Device 


PETKIT P2 Smart Pet Activity Tracking Device 

The PETKIT P2 is a great entry-level tracker if you are thinking about trying out a monitor. It tracks short and long sleep cycles, movements, and intensity levels.

What is special about this one is that it claims to track emotions and reviewers claim that this is their favorite part about it. This is a really cool feature that would allow for a little more connection and understanding with your pup.

This durable, waterproof attachable device has a 5 month battery life and sits at the affordable price of about $30 on the PETKIT.

DOTT Smart Dog & Cat Tag Tracker


DOTT Smart Dog & Cat Tag Tracker

The DOTT is a super lightweight tracker (only .25 oz). Apart from the state of the art GPS tracking, the DOTT provides updates on walks, potty breaks, medication, nutrition, and more.

You also have access to community events and meetups, weather alerts, and can even participate in group walks.

The DOTT is unique in that you can sync the device to allow for multiple caretakers. This is super useful if you are a doggie co-parent or frequently utilize a dog sitter. The DOTT sells for $40.

LINK Dog Tracker and Activity Monitor

LINK Dog Tracker and Activity Monitor

LINK Dog Tracker and Activity Monitor

The LINK is similar to many of the aforementioned options, but it claims to have a patent-pending algorithm that compares your dog's activity to the suggested recommendation based on breed, size, and weight. The 6-axis accelerometer (fancy talk for high-tech) is not only designed for tracking/monitoring, but also analysis. It also gives convenient vet reminders and notifications. It also has a strong GPS system for tracking and you can purchase an additional product called a LINK puck for extra effectivity for home/office play. 

The LINK retails at $135 with an additional $8/month subscription.

Petble SmartTag


Petble SmartTag

This lightweight tracker has all the main features of a strong activity tracker. It keeps track of calories, activity duration/intensity, weight goals, and more. With a 7 day battery and 2 cute colors to choose from, this is a great, simplistic option if you are simply looking to keep light tabs on your pup. It also allows you to sync multiple Petbles on the app, if you have more than one pet you want to track. 

The Petble costs $69.

Overall, monitoring your dog and his/her health is one of the smartest things you can do for your furry friend. Check out the options above and figure out which one works best for both of you. Good luck and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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