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9 reasons you should take your Dog on holiday

Dogs Love Holidays Too!!

If you’re about to head off on holiday and toying with the idea of whether to take your furry companion along for the trip or not, here are a few reasons that just might help convince you that you definitely should...

1. There's more and more pet-friendly accommodation, so you canScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.03.26You may have thought that there isn’t much pet-friendly accommodation to choose from, but if you’re on this website right now then you know that's not really true.

We are identifying more and more pet-friendly accommodation all over the world every single day (4,000+ dog-friendly Hotels, Guesthouses, B&B's in UK & Ireland alone to date). You've come to the right place if you're looking for pet-friendly Accommodation, Amenities or Pet Services.

2. They’ll make you get more active
Bring your Dog on holidays with you and you’ll get out and about more often – fact. When you’ve got the choice of either sitting in a Café all day reading or going out for a walk, we both know what one you’ll end up doing.

3. You’ll see more of the great outdoorsSince you’ll end up bringing your Dog out with you more if they accompany you on your holidays, you’ll see more of the great outdoors wherever you end up going. Start making a list!

4. Your Dog won’t tell you they don’t want to do somethingHave you ever suggested something to your friends, family or better halves on holiday and they’ve shot your idea down? Guess what – your Dog will never do that!

5. You’ll have even more companyHolidays are about relaxing and spending time with the ones you love. You wouldn’t have a Dog if you didn’t love him/her meaning they’re the perfect companions for a breakaway.

6. Dogs are great conversation starters – you’ll meet more localsDogs are naturally friendly and social – they’ll say hello to the locals if you don’t! Aside from that, they’re a conversation starter. Bring your Dog with you and you’re bound to meet more locals.

7. You don’t have to worry about getting somebody to look after your Dog
When you go away for a few days without your Dog, you have to spend a few days in the run up to the trip figuring out who’s going to look after them. Bring them with you and it’s one less thing to worry about

Dogs reduce stressTravel can be stressful. Whether it’s traffic, catching a train or packing, there can be a lot going on. Your Dog won’t be aware of this, but – they’ll be the same they always are, reducing your stress in the process.

9. Cuddles!
We all love our Dogs because they show us so, much love. Bring them away with you and you won’t miss that!

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