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Recent Posts by Gerry Molloy

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – Symptoms & Treatment

Increased numbers of people have adopted or bought new pets to help get them through pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, including many newly working from home. It’s really important to be aware that, as we begin the return to “normal” work routines, commuting etc., some dogs will suffer separation anxiety, which can include becoming extremely stressed and upset at their human’s absence.

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Visiting Acadia National Park – With Your Dog!

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island on the northern coast of Maine, 264 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, and 50 miles from Bangor, Maine. Acadia is one of the top 10 most visited national parks in the United States. Visitors enjoy 27 miles of historic motor roads, 158 miles of hiking trails, and 45 miles of carriage roads.

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Keeping pets in a rented flat in the UK – what are your rights?

Keeping pets in a rented flat in the UK - what are your rights? How do you find out if you can’t have a pet in a flat? What if there is no mention of pets in the lease? What are the penalties for breaking the terms of your lease?
Given approx 1 in 2 UK households own a pet it's no wonder residential property agents are frequently asked if pets are allowed in flats.

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Dog Welfare in Ireland – why there is a pending crisis.

RTE's recent Prime Time Investigates put the spotlight on practices in Ireland’s Greyhound Industry.  Ciaran Walsh, founder of Dog Internet of Things (a new platform providing live 1-2-1 Webcam Consultations with Professional Dog Trainers and Canine Behaviourists), says there is a more wide-spread crisis concerning domestic dogs coming down the tracks in 2020.

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Pet Tech – Connected Pets: GPS Trackers, Pet Health & Activity Monitors

In this article we look at 7 GPS Pet Trackers: 1. Whistle Go Explore Health + Location Tracker for Pets. 2. Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker. 3. Garmin PT10 Dog Device . 4. Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker. 5. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor. 6. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth GPS Tracker. 7. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Multi-dog Tracking GPS / Remote Training Device.

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>>>> Become a DIY Doggy MasterChef <<<<

This Online PetCare Course was created by keen cook and dog lover, Cheryl Gianfrancesco, who was concerned about what she was feeding her dog due to an illness.
All the recipes you'll find in this course have been thoroughly researched to be nutritious, and have been designed for dogs with all types of dietary needs, based on ingredients usually found around the house.

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>>>> Dog Behavior and Training <<<<

To  understand how a dog thinks, what they're really saying to you through their posture, body language and noises, first you’ve got to learn to think like a dog! Remember - dogs are intelligent creatures - you’ve got to exercise their mind as well as their body.  This course has been written by Veterinarian Dr Pippa Elliott, who’ll show you how to train your dog in a loving way.

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>>>> Dog Walking (as a Career) <<<<

Like to be your own boss AND enjoy a dream job working with dogs? This in-depth course covers everything you need to know to start a successful career as a professional dog walker! Course Accreditation: this course is accredited by ICOES, the International Council for Online Education Standards, and will count towards CPD hour records.

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