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#PetTravel Top 11 Tips For Travelling With Your Dog!


11 Things You Need To Do When Travelling With Your Pet

1. Get your pet microchipped.
Microchipping is easy, quick and doesn’t cost much, but invaluable if your pet strays, especially in unknown territory!
2. Vet Visit
Check all necessary shots or vaccinations are up to date with necessary paperwork, especially rabies certificate, and where applicable, were administered within specified date range prior to travel.
3. Medication
Make sure to bring all prescribed medication.
4. Bring familiar Toys, Bed...
Pack their favourite Toys, Bed / Blanket, Food & Treats, Water & Water Dishes. Dogs need routines - keeping things as familiar as possible helps take the stress out of travelling.

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5. Bring him/her for a walk first
Dogs can be restless when travelling. Take him / her for a long walk first to use up excess energy especially before starting a long car journey.
6. Flying?
Make sure he or she is used to his / her cage. Do some reward-based training first, it will pay dividends – for you and your dog!
7. Travelling within the EU? Get an EU Pet Passport!
Avoid Quarantine: if travelling with your pet within the EU, accompanied by an up to date EU Pet Passport, there is no requirement for quarantine.
8. Pet Travel Accessories
Secure collar with current ID tags, Leash, Harness…. Make sure you have all the necessary pet travel accessories for identification and safety.
9. Photo of your pet
Make sure you have a photo of your pet on your phone, just in case!
10. Pet First Aid Kit
Gauze, Scissors, Tape, Antibiotic Ointment, Cotton Balls / Swabs, Tweezers…..  Hydrogen Peroxide: If your dog does ingest something toxic, you may have to induce vomiting.

11. Book Ahead!
Many pet-friendly properties have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms. To avoid disappointment or being turned away, book ahead!

Pet Travel Tips Infographic

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