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Dog-Friendly Areas & Rules – Central Park NYC

New York Central Park - General Regulations / Requirements:

  • Dogs are allowed in most sections of Central Park whenever it is open to the public.
  • Dogs must be on-leash 9:00 am-9:00 pm. Off-leash hours are 6-9 am and 9pm-1:00 am.
  • New York State law and New York City Health Code require that dogs be vaccinated against rabies and every dog owner carry proof of a current dog license and rabies vaccination while in public.  Dog owners may be fined for violation of these laws.
  • All dogs in city parks must be on a leash (no more than six feet long) at all times, except in dog runs and designated off-leash areas at the prescribed times.
  • Unless otherwise prohibited, dogs may be unleashed within designated parks or portions of a park from 6am to 9am/after 9pm.
  • There are 23 dog-friendly areas around Central Park (see map below). These are areas where dogs and their owners often gather to participate in events, often in the early morning or evening hours when dogs are allowed to run off-leash. These include Harlem Meer, East Meadow, Cedar Hill and Mineral Springs.
  • In addition, there are 21 dog fountains throughout the park.


Areas of the park where dogs must be on leash at all times include:

  • Arthur Ross Pinetum
  • Bridle Path
  • Cedar Hill
  • Conservatory Garden
  • Children's Glade (Great Hill area)
  • East Green
  • East Meadow Oval
  • Kerbs Boathouse Plaza
  • The North Woods and the Ravine
  • The Ramble
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Turtle Pond Lawn and WoodLands
  • Other areas where signs requiring dogs to be leashed are posted


No dogs (leashed or unleashed) are permitted in the following:

  • Playgrounds
  • Zoo
  • Swimming pool
  • Ballfield or basketball, handball, or tennis court
  • East Green
  • Elm Islands at the Mall
  • Great Hill Glade
  • Lilac Walk
  • Ornamental Fountains
  • Reservoir Running Track
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Sheep Meadow
  • Water Bodies.


Bridle Paths

Although bridle paths in most city parks are off-limits to all dogs any time, leashed dogs are permitted on the Central Park bridle path.

Any unleashed dog must be leashed immediately upon request by any police officer, park ranger, PEP officer, or official of the Parks or Health departments.

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Central Park - 23 Dog Friendly Areas, Maps, Rules and more

Central Park Dog-friendly areas

Dog-friendly areas in Central Park South (59th Street to 78th Street approx):

Dog Friendly Areas Central Park South

Dog-friendly areas in central Central Park (78th Street to 94th Street approx):

Dog Friendly Areas Central Park Centre

Dog-friendly areas in Central Park North (94th Street to 110th Street):

Dog Friendly Areas Central Park North

Dog-friendly areas Central Park - Map Key:

Central Park Map Key

Ways to enjoy Central Park:

Central Park Ways To Enjoy The Park

Subways serving Central Park

N, R, Q Trains: These trains stop at 57th Street & 7th Avenue

2, 3 Trains: These trains run north and south with stops at 59th Street and Columbus Circle, followed by stops along Broadway at 72nd, 96th, & 110th Streets

B, C Trains: These trains run north & south along Central Park West, with stops at 72nd, 81st, 86th, 96th, 103rd, & 110th Streets

A, B, C, D, 1 Trains: These trains all stop at 59th Street/Columbus Circle. The 1 train also makes all stops along Broadway at 66th, 72nd, 79th, 86th, 96th, 103rd, & 110th Streets.

Bus Routes serving Central Park

M10: On the West side, this bus runs north and south along Central Park West.

M1, M2, M3, M4: On the East side, buses run south along Fifth Avenue, and north along Madison Avenue.

M57, M66, M72, M79, M86, M96, M106, M116: These crosstown buses run West to East and East to West along 57th, 66th, 72nd, 79th, 86th, 96th, 106th & 110th Streets

From Penn Station: Take the M20 Bus from W 34th Street station heading towards Lincoln Center. Get off at Central Park South near Columbus Circle

From Grand Central Station: Take the Q32 Bus from Madison Ave and E 42nd Street station heading towards Jackson Heights, Queens. Go west on E 59th Street until you come to 5th Ave and Central Park South.

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